Security Site Manager

Security Site Manager

Some of the topics included in the 20 hour SSM training include:

  • SSM Position and Staff

  • Developing a Site Security Personnel (CST, CAG, CAE) Staffing Plan

  • AO/SSO Roles and Relationships to the SSM

  • Construction Security Plan (CSP) Overview & Development

  • Construction Security Plan (CSP) Support Documents

  • Technical Countermeasures Implementation

  • Pre-Accreditation Inspections

  • Accreditation Planning

  • Developing Site Access Control Requirements

  • Determining Construction Activity Prioritization based on Risk/Threat Prioritization

  • Secure Storage Area Establishment & Management

  • Secure CONUS Procurement, Shipping, Certification, and Decertification

  • Material Inspection Methods

  • Local Material Procurement Methods

Construction Surveillance Technician

Construction Surveillance Technician

Some of the topics included in the 40 hour CST training include:

  • ICD-705 Introduction and In-Depth Explanation

  • Introduction to and Practical Application with Construction Drawings

  • Introduction to Safety on Construction Site Security Projects

  • Construction Site Security Overview

  • Surveillance Principles and Tactics for the CST

  • Counterintelligence as it Relates to Construction Site Security

  • Introduction to Covert Listening Devices & Associated Threats

  • Introduction to TEMPEST & Associated Threats

  • 16 Major Divisions of Construction & Associated Threats

  • Daily Reporting Process and Requirements

  • Construction Activity Prioritization

  • Secure Storage Area  & Material Inspections

  • Secure Shipment